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    Tag Jungle rolling out a beta test.

    I really met Phil Burns ten days ago at a Corporate Alliance networking event. (We'd shaken hands and been introduced numerous times at geek dinners and blogger conferences but I'd never really sat down and been able to talk to him.)

    Phil, for those of you who don't know, has been busy in his basement with his band of merry men for the last three months after they all took the axe at Provo Labs.

    (Paul Allen was at the same event but unfortunately I didn't cross paths with him. Paul's someone I've never met either although I've been in the same room often enough. {Actually, I did cross paths with Paul on the last night but he was headed back to his hotel room with his wife. It was midnight and I thought better of jumping in his path to introduce myself.})

    I digress. Phil and I discussed Tag Jungle at some length. Phil gave me a demo and booted up the beta site. I'm impressed. Farting around with TechCrunch as much as I do and seeing all of the web 2.0 apps, I think Tag Jungle has a workable solution that should get use. Technorati beware?

    And 42co.? Evidently it's the answer to the entire universe according to Phil and Hitchhikers Guide. Who am I to question it. At least they changed the name.  Provo Labs Solutions = 8 white bread Mormon geeks in a basement.

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