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This is the blog of Jeff Barson. I'm currently running HireVue Labs, former Director at Sendside, founder of Surface Medical, Nimble, Medspa MD, Freelance MD, Frontdesk, Uncommon, and Wild Blue... angel investor and startup advisor. Oh, and I'm a artist. More >>


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    Managing Partner, Surface Medical Spas
    My physician community site Medical Spa MD
    Founding Partner, Nimble
    Founder, Wild Blue
    Currently: Joined Sendside Networks startup management team as: Director of Product Marketing, User Experience Czar, and Chief Evangelist
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    (My wife likes me to use this picture and she's right behind me.)

    Article: Connect Magazine, Point of View

    Born Logan. Schooled in England. High school, back in Utah again. College USU. Majored in Art after pre-Med. Two years Boston. Nine years Manhattan. Now 6 years in Park City.

    thumb Eve.jpgFor years I was a artist bachelor living in Manhattan and hawking my tawdry wares through my network of agents and publishers. I spent my time painting for clients that included New York City Opera, Ballentine, Coca-Cola, yada-yada-yada times 30. And since, through numerous misadventures, I garner myself at least a little of a reputation, I was commissioned to paint portraits of Princess Diana as well as Vivien Leigh for the 60th anniversary of the release of Gone With The Wind. See some of my portfolio here.

    yellowdrape.jpgI’ve been fortunate to have a few hobbies. Managing Director of the Russian-American Society for the Protection of Animals (An international non-profit 501c charity) based in New York City that gave me the opportunity to help save some polar bears and arctic foxes. I scared a whole lot of university students as I bounced around teaching, lecturing and tearing up their work. And I got bounced around a fair amount myself as I was taught Shorinji Kempo (beware of being the only large American in an all Japanese martial art). After retiring to Park City (a few East Coast summers of 98 degrees and 98% humidity will do that to you) I put my art career on hold and changed direction for a while.

    Gapingvoid.jpgMoving to Park City I caught something of an entrepreneurial bug. I started a publishing company (closed), a funky furniture company (failed), and learned some valuable lessons. My next ventures into technology in medicine; Surface Medical Spas and consumer facing tecnologies for cosmetic medicine; Medical Spa MD, have met with some success.

    Moving further into technology, I founded Nimble, a tech startup designed built around aggregated sales for local business.Having formed an angel group in Park City, I came across Sendside Networks, a startup founded by a friend of mine that has the potential to disrupt some really big markets. So, I both invested and joined the team at Sendside. Now I run HireVue Labs.

    I'm married to my dazzling gorgeous and headstrong creative director Shelly, and have one daughter Madison. (Shelly was not put off when, before we were married, I made her attend an opening of mine in South Carolina that included mingling with 600 women dressed up as Scarlet O’Hara.)

    la3070-001.jpgI’m glad to be living in Park City, Utah with my lovely wife Shelly, daughter Madison, dog Jai, cocatoo Loki, and horses; Pharaoh, Maverick, Cakee, and Moon.